Loyalty App FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your answer here, we're always happy to hear from you directly!
+   The system crashes, what do I do?
We don’t know of any issues however if it does we do have crash data sent to us so we can monitor. Sometimes poor or congested 3G networks can create drop outs and we’re working on better ways to handle this. Otherwise please let us know your problem by using our feedback form here.
+   Do I require 3G/4G (data) coverage?
Yes, your stamps need to be verified and will only work in an area with 3G/4G coverage. A time-out or drop out can occur if the network is poor.
+   How do I turn on location services on my phone?
Simply go into your Settings on your phone, then under Privacy choose Locational Services¬Ě where you can tap the toggle to on.
+   Am I required to submit personal details in the settings page?
No. however, these details will be necessary to receive special offers, birthday surprises etc from your favorite businesses. Your personal information stays with us. If a business wants to contact you, they will email you directly. See our Privacy Policy for more detail.
+   Is RTOWN a Social Networking Site?
No, we simply provide offers from local businesses which you can participate in, allowing you to manage your loyalty card better. We do however allow you to link your account to Facebook.
-   What happens if I forget my password?
At the sign-in screen when entering your email address simply tap on the forgot password and we will email you a new one.
-   What happens to My Stamps if I lose or change my Smartphone?
Your status will be maintained. Simply download the application again (it’s free) and login with your email address and password. All your details and data is stored on our secure servers in the cloud. We use the best in class servers and security services from Amazon Web Services.
+   What happens to My Stamps when I update to a newer version of the application?
We will update the RTOWN application periodically to ensure you have the best user experience. Your status on My Stamps is recorded on our database and will be maintained.
-   Does the app work where I have no mobile reception?
No. Your Stamps need to be verified and updated and will only work in an area with reception.
-   How do I remove myself from an offer on My Offers?
Simply let us know through this feedback form and we will remove you from the loyalty reward program.
-   How do I delete or remove myself from the RTOWN application?
We would be sorry to see you go, but simply go into Settings (bottom right hand corner of the main menu).
The Delete Account button is located at the bottom of the screen.
-   What happens if the owner does not make good on their offer?
The business has first right of refusal. If you are not satisfied, contact us to see if we can’t find a resolution.
-   Where did my stamps go?
The business reserves the right to remove Stamps from your account in the event of mistake or fraud. See Terms and Conditions.
-   Can I run the same RTOWN application across several mobile phones?
Yes, but each time you log in to a different phone it will log you out of the other.
-   What type of businesses are on the RTOWN Loyalty App?
-   I’ve used Facebook Connect to register, what does this do?
We use Facebook Connect to make the registration process quicker for you. It is an authentication service that Facebook provide, meaning you don’t require to setup a password with us.
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